We are presenting some of the most commonly asked questions regarding PayGOnline in this tutorial. These questions are asked by the majority of account users who have these inquiries.


PayGOnline FAQs

  • Question – How do I get into my wifi account? 

Answer – To sign in, you need to enter an account number and password. Your user ID and password are the same ones you used when you signed up. 

  • Question – How can I look at the text message my kid gets? 

Answer – You can’t read what your child writes in their text messages. But you can make sure they don’t use apps like Kik, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The list of apps that can be blocked has been given to you, and you can see it in the content controls inside the app. 

  • Question – Can I stop certain phone numbers from calling my kid? 

Answer – No. That feature has not yet been added. You can’t stop texts or calls from certain lines. You can also use PrepaidGiftBalance. 

  • Question – How much do the savings on the gear cost? 

Answer – It depends on the deals that are going on when you buy it. 

  • Question – Does the exchange rate cost anything? 

Answer – If you are a union member, you don’t have to pay a fee to change plans. 

  • Question – I no longer want to be a part of the family. How do I do it? 

Answer – If you get a fee for Secure Family, open the app, go to settings, then account, and stop the contract. If you want to stop, just follow the directions. 

If you have a subscription through iTunes on Google Play, go to the Secure App on Google Play and end your membership. Please remember that if you stop your service while you still have a half plan, you will not get any money back.

  • Question – How do I become a member of this portal?    

Answer – The main website, www.paygonline.com, makes it easy to sign up. Follow our guide to sign up. This guide makes it easy to understand how to sign up. 

  • Question – For what reason should I use PayGOnline?    

Answer – The site will get rid of the need for cash for all people around the world and for every buy. Because of this, it’s one of the best ways to pay your bills quickly. 

  • Question – Is it safe to use this portal?    

Answer – Yes, the service is safe. On account of this, it is very safe to use.